Can I have a special finish like laminate on my Saddle Stitch book?

Yes, we offer both gloss and soft touch lamination for Saddle Stitch books. A gloss laminate gives your book an impressive shine and enhances the vibrancy of your book’s colors, making images really stand out. It also adds durability and resistance against stains and moisture.

On the other hand, soft touch laminate provides a luxurious feel that is smooth to the touch, delivering a high-end appearance that’s perfect for premium products or brands. This finish also increases the durability of your book, offering resistance to smudging and fingerprints.

Adding a laminate finish not only boosts the aesthetic appeal of your book but also provides an extra layer of protection, increasing the longevity of your book. Please note, the addition of laminate might affect the overall cost and production time, so it’s always best to discuss these details with our team.